The IT Clinic

for business owners who want to get IT issues solved

  • Have you got some niggling problems with your computer you’ve never quite got round to asking about?
  • Do you want some advice on how to do something on your computer?
  • Need a new computer but not quite sure what to get?
  • Want to find out about the latest hardware and software?

What is the IT Clinic

The IT Clinic is a monthly drop in clinic designed specifically for busy business owners to get their IT Problems solved.

Free Wi-Fi, tea and coffee all day.

How the IT Clinic Works

On the day our offices are open from 10am till 5pm, when you turn up you’ll be given the opportunity to book a consultation with one of our IT Experts. These are free of charge, but are booked on first come, first served basis. If you’re already a member you will get access to priority booking a couple of days before the event. You can choose which of our experts you’d like to speak to, depending on your particular issue we’ll recommend the best one for you.

You are welcome to stay for the whole day, there will be lots for you to see and do as well as the opportunity to network with other attendees. You’ll also have an area where you can sit and work if you wish, taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi on offer. There’s Tea and Coffee on tap all day long as well as a free buffet lunch provided for you, the only thing you need to bring is biscuits (they always seem to get eaten very quickly in our office!)

We’ll be running two Clinic Sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, at the same time there will also be an experience zone where you can see and use some of the latest bits of kit on offer, you will also find some of our staff available here to chat to and answer any questions you may have.

Over Lunch there will be a demonstration along with a group question and answer session.

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