Micro Business IT is quite simply the best IT Support available for Small Business Owners who want to escape the COMPUTER SAYS NO syndrome and get on with building a successful business!

There is no ‘Geek Speak’ it’s 100% practical IT support & advice on getting your computers working for you!

The reality is computer problems hold your business back, We solve those problems for you.

If you make use of our IT Support services you will soon find your IT stops getting in the way and starts helping you get more done. You will see your productivity increase and your computer stress levels decrease, Chris and his team will make your IT work for you and your business.

Typically our customers find after a few months of IT Support and advice from us their IT woes vanish, they spend more time working on the important stuff in their business. Knowing their computer systems are well looked after, they become just another tool for the business, helping them to get more stuff done.

There are three levels of IT Support you can take advantage of:


£7.45 +VAT per Month

If you’ve got a computer in your business, you need this as a bare minimum!

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  • Protection from Viruses
  • Your Ciritcal Software kept up to date
  • Your essential systems monitored
  • Access to any IT Clinic for half price
  • Drop off & Diagnose Service @ £95
  • Remote Support in 15 minute Blocks @ £22 each
  • Onsite Call Out for £65 + £22 per 15 minutes onsite
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£24 +VAT per Month

Is your computer important to your business? Then this is for you

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  • Everything in the Basic Package plus…
  • Protection for your critical files (i.e. your important office documents backed up safely and securely)
  • Free & Priority Access to the IT Clinics
  • Drop off & Diagnose Service @ £65
  • 30 minutes Free Remote Support each month
  • Onsite Call Out for £65 + £22 per 15 minutes onsite
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£49 +VAT per Month

If you simply cannot cope without your computer, choose this package!

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  • Everything in the Basic & Essential Packages plus…
  • Business E-Mail Service with oodles of storage for all your emails
  • E-Mail Protection, keeping all the spam and viruses out of your inbox
  • Bookable time slots for IT Clinics
  • Free Drop off & Diagnose Service
  • Free Remote Support
  • Fixed Call out of £65 for Onsite support
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Making the most of your IT Support…

… What you get

Your Essential systems monitored

Being part of the brokenStones support packages means we are looking out for you! Your computer systems are pro-actively monitoring, anything that does not look right is flagged on our monitoring dashboard and our expert support staff can jump on it and sort it out for you, before it turns in to something really nasty!

Protection from Viruses

Every Support package includes our Managed Anti-virus Service. This keeps your machine safe from Viruses and alerts us to any suspicious activity so we can help you out.

Critical Software Kept up to date

Your machine is monitored and essential software updates are automatically applied without you having to worry about them!

Your files protected

What would you do if you lost that customer proposal you’d been working on for the last week? Or if you accidentally deleted last month’s invoices? With the file protection service your important office documents are backed up regularly so you don’t have to worry about the what if’s…

Business E-Mail Service

E-Mail should just work! And with the business e-mail service it does, Whether you are using your Computer, your iPhone, your iPad or your laptop you can get access to the exact same e-mails… need to forward on an email you sent from your computer last night but only got your phone with you? No problem, it’s there on your phone waiting to be sent on!

Your E-Mails protected

E-mail is one of the most important tools for doing business today. Not only does the email protection service stop so much of the unwanted spam and viruses, but it also keeps your e-mails backed up and protected should you loose your computer…

IT Clinic

A Monthly drop in IT Clinic for all those niggles that just want sorting! Run on a set day each month you can just turn up and get access to one of our engineers.

Drop off & diagnose Service

Got a problem but don’t want to sit there whilst we fix it? Then drop your machine in to our support team, and for a fixed cost we will take a look and get it fixed for you. If it’s a really complex problem, or needs parts we’ll quote for it separately before starting any work.

Remote Support service

Call us up and we’ll log in remotely to your machine and take a look at any problem you have. Just as long as you’ve got an internet connection we can usually login and fix most stuff there and then.

On Site Call Out

Most things can be fixed remotely, if they can’t and you can’t drop your machine in to us then we’ll happily come out to see you.

Non Support Realted

If you’ve got query’s, or need advice on something that’s not directly an IT Support issue (i.e. help on how to send an email to 1,000 people or you want us to help show you how to …. ???