The first IT Clinic of 2013 was a resounding success

All who attended got the chance to see and use some of the latest HP Computers as well as finding out about and getting some tips on using Microsoft’s latest operating System – Windows 8.

Everyone had the chance for some 1-to-1 time with our IT Experts and Andy our IT Manager was kept extremely busy fixing all sorts of issues.

What worked really well was the ability for people to sit and get on with their work, asking questions and seeking help as issues popped up. You didn’t have to worry about trying to reproduce that problem that has been plaguing you for weeks, you just get on with your work and call someone over when it happens!

Over Lunch, after the fight over the samosa’s, we demystified some of Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 8, and found out actually it’s not that different or scary and it may even make our lives a bit simpler!

Experience Zone

The Demo Room and experience zone was available all day with some of the latest HP kit on show to play with along with our staff on hand with help and advice as it was needed.

The new HP ElitePad 900 Tablet

generated quite a bit of interest, I think these are going to be quite popular over the coming months!

Also available to try out was:
4340s 13.3” ProBook

a fantastic looking, small, portable laptop, ideal for use in client meetings.

Small form Factor 4300 with 23” Professional Monitor

great desktop setup for those who want a decent machine in the office or at home, but don’t have a lot of space!

Elitebook 8470p

a powerful work horse of a laptop. If you work mainly from a laptop then this is a fantastic choice!

M251 Wireless Printer with Air Print

Not only does this enable you to print directly from your iPad or iPhone, but it prints a daily crossword for you too!

Logitech Touchpad 650

Great for use with Windows 8 and compliments the traditional mouse and keyboard very well.