The organisation dedicated to helping business owners be more successful by providing IT Support to Help your Business Grow – IT Help and advice for Business Owners from brokenStones

Help your business grow by putting the right computer systems in place, with the right IT support and help accelerate what you do. Over the last 10 years Chris has helped businesses large and small get more out of their IT. Chris has a deep understanding of the role of IT and IT Support in a business and a hatred of all those who say it can’t be done!

We’re all about:

Helping business owners escape the COMPUTER SAYS NO syndrome and build a successful business with computers that work!

  • Do you spend all your time battling with your computer?
  • Are you banging your mouse up and down after clicking the same button 15 times because it just won’t work?
  • Really frustrated about how much time you waste trying to do insanely simple tasks because “the computer say’s no”?
  • Fed up with spending hours writing really important documents only for your laptop to randomly turn itself off and loose all your work?

Do you just want to sit in front of your computer, and for once it ‘just work’?

Congratulations… you’ve found just the place

Since 2006 brokenStones has helped hundreds of business owners banish the computer demons and enabled them to get more stuff done more efficiently. Simple, Effective IT Support and Advice that helps your business grow. So, can we help?

Well that depends a lot on whether you are ready?

You need to know what your time is worth, you need to know what it costs you every-time you spend an hour messing about because ‘somethings gone wrong’.

We can only help you if you know how much time and effort your computers are wasting you and want to do something about it,

I once had a client who’s laptop literally took half an hour to start up in the morning, and half an hour to turn off at night. I needed just two hours with their computer to put it right. They told me they were “too busy” and couldn’t spare the time. You do the maths, that’s just insane! If you’re like that, then this is probably not for you.

If you’re a business owner who knows what a failing computer system is costing you, and who understands the value of your time working on your business rather than  uttering expletives at your computer screen…

if that’s you, then you’ll love it here. If not, then you won’t!

If you’re unsure then spend a few minutes having a look around this site. You’ll soon realise why the Role of IT makes so much sense. It’s complete common sense when you start to focus on the goals of the business and stop pandering to the needs of your IT. Best of all it’s led by someone who get’s that, and has done it for businesses many, many times.

If you have any questions our friendly team are available to help you

Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5.30pm – 01543 241 207

(Don’t worry, they’ve all been implanted with a translation device so you won’t get ANY “geek speak”, they are all trained to communicate with you in plain English!)

The best way to get started is to fill out the form on the right to receive a complementary invite to our next IT Clinic that will give you a flavour of what we’re all about, let you meet the team and hand you some handy tips for getting the most out of your computer systems. Then have that browse around I mentioned, you might be surprised at what you find.